A.  Definition:  The term Special Events shall mean any activity held on the Pedestrian Mall or cross streets to that Mall within the Special Taxing District that is not organized by the DDC but which is expected to draw a crowd of people in excess of 50 or which involves the sale of food, alcohol or merchandise or which involves erecting a stand, tent, platform or other structure.

B.  Request for approval for such event is required to be submitted to the DDC at least thirty days in advance of the event by submitting the attached form.

C.  If vehicles will be loading, unloading or parking on the Pedestrian Mall permission and a sign indicating such permission must be obtained from the DDC ten days in advance of the Event.

D.  If deemed necessary by the DDC, because of the nature of the event, the DDC may require a bond to cover the costs of restoration or clean-up of the area used.

E.  If deemed necessary by the DDC, and for all events which include the sale of alcohol, charging admission, or a vendor fee, a liability policy in the amount of $1,000,000 minimum naming the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland as an additional insured shall be required.  The applicant must furnish proof of such insurance coverage at least seven days in advance of the event.

F. No glass beverage containers shall be allowed except under circumstances approved by the DDC.

G.  If tents, stages or banners are to be erected, the attached site plan detailing their placement must be submitted to the DDC with the application.

H. If food or merchandise is being sold, please provide a (1) Federal Employer Identification Number (or Social Security Number), (2) Maryland Sales and Use Tax License, and a (3) State of Maryland Trader’s License 10 days before the event.

I. In addition, if food is prepared off-site it must be prepared in an establishment with current State and or local health certification.  Each on-site vending booth must obtain a Food Service permit from the State of Maryland (available from the Allegany County Health Department) 10 days before the event.

J.  A fee of $150 will be charged to cover expenses of DDC Maintenance and/or administrative fees, electricity fees, trash removal, and any other charges incurred by the DDC as a result of this event. This fee will be for 6 hours of rental of the downtown mall. The DDC has the discretion to waive the $150 fee.

K.  The applicant shall agree to save, hold harmless and indemnify the City of Cumberland from any claim resulting from the event and use of the Mall.

L.  All events must end by 10:00 p.m. except under circumstances approved by the DDC.

Applicant acknowledges reading and understanding these Guidelines and agrees to the conditions set forth and will be responsible for their implementation.  Applicant represents being authorized to sign this Agreement on behalf of the applicant.


Please complete all information before remitting. Request for approval of such events is required to be submitted to the DDC at least thirty days in advance of the event and this application must be received prior to a DDC meeting for approval. The DDC meets on the second Thursday of each month in City Hall. Board approval is necessary before holding the event.