Free Daily Parking:
MPA Lot #1, located under Interstate 68 between Mechanic Street and Centre Street offers 81 spaces of FREE daily parking for downtown employees and business owners as well downtown visitors. No overnight parking is allowed. This lot is accessible from Mechanic Street and a permit is not needed.

In addition, all meters and MPA lots are FREE after 5 pm, on weekends and on holidays recognized by the City.

Long Term Parking:
Canal Place provides long term parking in their Howard Street lot for hiking/biking the Great Allegheny Passage Trail. This surface lot is accessible from Howard Street and is located under Interstate 68.

Parking Kiosks:
Located at several locations replacing parking meters, these accept coin and credit cards.  Display the receipt on your dashboard.  Please use the kiosk located nearest your car.

Canal Place Parking Lot:
Canal Place offers convenient parking for visitors to downtown Cumberland who are exploring area attractions such as the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, C&O Canal Visitor Center, or GAP Trail. Their Western Maryland Railway Station parking lot is accessible from either Canal Street or Mechanic Street and offers daily parking for $1 an hour and accepts only Visa or Mastercard.

City Center Parking Garage:
Hourly parking is available on the lower level (24 spaces) with overflow on the top level (43 spaces) for $1 an hour with a four- hour limit.  The entrance is on Union Street with the exit onto George Street.  This parking requires quarters or dollars to pay the parking fee.

Monthly parking permits are available on other levels of this garage for $90 in the blue level, $75 on the yellow level and $65 on the green level. Available on a first come, first served basis at the Collections Office in City Hall.

Frederick Street Parking Garage:
This garage is entirely by permit at all times.  The prices are the same as the City Center garage and there is a waiting list.

Parking regulations:
Do not block or park in front of any driveway or crosswalk whether marked or not.  Handicapped spaces are strictly enforced.

Parking Enforcement:
A vehicle illegally parked along the street or at an expired meter may receive up to two courtesy warnings; however, this depends upon the nature of the infraction.  More serious infractions result in an immediate fine. A fine of $25 may be imposed on a vehicle illegally parked and after three unpaid citations the vehicle will be towed and placed in impoundment.  At that time all fines and administrative fees must be brought current.  Also, unpaid tickets incur an additional $30 charge if the ticket is not paid within 31 days with an additional fee of $10 and the registration will be flagged with MVA.  Tickets should be paid by mailing to the Tax and Utility Office at City Hall or in person at the collection Window on the first floor.

Contact Us:
Cumberland City Police:  301 777-1600
Parking enforcement Office: 301 759-6473  or
Finance Office regarding parking permits: 301 759-6405