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Kids/Family Block 1

October 8, 2016 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

“What Do You Want to Be?” (12:00pm), Emma Fici, USA, 2 minutes – A little girl and her favorite doll spend the day playing dress-up and considering options for the future.

“This Time It’s Shopping” (12:04pm), Chek Wingo, USA, 4 minutes – A peculiar customer interrupts a gift store owner’s quiet day. Is she really shopping, or is this some kind of game?

“Big Boy” (12:10pm), Yuri Solodov, Russian Federation, 16 minutes – The boy turns 6. His father for the first time sends him to the store to buy bread. The boy will receive his birthday present, a camera, as long as he completes this mission. In order to prove that he has grown up, the boy decides to take up this challenge. But he has to face many difficulties in the itinerary. Will the boy pass the test?

“TRASHONAUTS” (12:27pm), Jack Griffin Corpening, USA, 2 minutes – A tired and grumpy space garbage man happens upon a magnetic alien puppy that changes his life forever.

“Agrinoui” (12:31pm), Alexis Chaviaras, Cyprus, 20 minutes – A young mare visits Cyprus to take part in races. Frustrated from failure, she abandons the racetrack after confronting her strict father. The mare will meet new friends who will try to help her find her lost courage.

“Octavius 4-Hack Attack” (12:52pm), James Baras-Miller, Australia, 5 minutes – Master Criminal Octavius Teddy Bear hacks police teddy Bob the Bear’s car and makes it run out of control. With Bob out of the way Octavius is free to commit a crime spree in Bearton. Only Buttercop can save Bob and Bearton now.

“Hide and Seek” (12:58pm), Rashesh Desai, India, 16 minutes – In order to make the child eat, a mother of a four year old girl scares her by telling her stories of ghosts. One evening, the child goes missing. After a rigorous search, she is found. Her mother realize how wrong her methods have been.

“Calvin’s Shoe” (1:15pm), Joseph Fraizer, USA, 7 minutes – There is something unusual about Calvin’s Shoe. It seems to be a world unto itself. Calvin and Enzo find themselves in a deep, blue-walled canyon. They explore this maze-like place, discover strange sights, and encounter unexpected creatures. Come along with them on this adventure.

“Message in the Fortune Cookie” (1:21pm), Golam Mustofa, Canada, 20 minutes – As Joe and his five friends have just enjoyed their meal at a Chinese restaurant in lower Manhattan, he opens up his fate in a fortune cookie and discovers a message that shocks him into a stupor which leads all of them to ask themselves about the meaning of life. While his BFF, Tom, tries to reassure him in every ways, the other friends explain their various views, which correspond strikingly to their characters. Karim, influenced by existentialism and Albert Camus’s idea of the absurd, thinking Joe has to embrace death instead of seeing it is as a bad thing. Rachel, a strong believer in God, urges Joe to be reconciled with God stressing enough that the end results of everything even beyond Galactic Center point is the God and have faith on God. Bert, an epicurean believes, Joe should ‘live it up’ and enjoy and consume himself every bit of life, especially food. Lastly, Maya expresses skepticism that Joe can know the future leaning towards Recurnation and thinks that Joe should always just keep doing whatever he’s doing now. Joe becomes immobilized in terms of deciding how he’s going to face his ending of life, even if it occurs today. Can a lotto jackpot detour an average Joe’s death? Can Joe enjoy his luxurious life with money materials being a millionaire, even if he has no more nights, no more days and he leaves the world today?

“Charlie & Poppy” (1:42pm), Jennifer Potts, USA, 14 minutes – Faced with the loss of his beloved grandfather, Poppy, Charlie sits at a train station platform where he replays 20 years of childhood memories. Four-year old Charlie and his grandfather, Poppy, arrive at a train station platform—one bouncing with great energy, the other providing a steady hand. Hearing the train approaching, they reach in their pockets for their whistles. Charlie laughs at Poppy’s puffed-cheek whistle blowing as the train pulls into the station for passengers to disembark and step aboard. Over the span of 20 years, as Charlie grows and Poppy ages, they change this cherished ritual to embrace both the excitement and limitations each stage of life brings. Charlie struggles to keep the magic alive by providing the entertainment when his beloved, aging Poppy no longer has the strength. Following Poppy’s death, Charlie must find a way to keep Poppy’s spirit alive.

Festival Passes are $50 and are good for all receptions, panels, and screenings over four days. General Admission tickets are $8 and will be available at the ticket counter.


October 8, 2016
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Cumberland Ramada, Cumberland MD
100 S George St
Cumberland, MD 21502 United States