The City of Cumberland and the Downtown Development Commission will hold a workshop to discuss parking in Downtown Cumberland on Thursday, ‪February 4th at 5:15 p.m. on the second floor of 9 North Centre Street above the Allegany Arts Council.

The public is invited to attend and the format for the event will include break out group conversations. Groups will be asked to clearly define perceived parking challenges in the Downtown, as well as recommend solutions for resolving those challenges.

Representatives from the City, the Police Department and the Downtown Development Commission will be present to respond to concerns and challenges presented; as well as provide information relative to the current parking configurations in Downtown Cumberland.

“I hope that the Downtown business community and consumers will participate in this workshop meeting to address the challenges and perceptions about parking in Downtown Cumberland,” said Mayor Brian Grim, who will also participate in the information gathering workshop.

Downtown business community members are strongly encouraged to participate in this problem solving workshop along with citizen consumers. The workshop will stress problem solving rather than simply reporting situations publicly, and will remain specific to addressing concerns relative to parking in the Central Business District of Cumberland.

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